Smart apps for smart phones and smart people.

Inside Outlier provides software consulting and every now and then we build something just for  fun.
These are some our own projects we’ve created.

Ponguru – a ball game

 a fun and challenging ball game for Android wear.

Use your wrist (accelerometer) to control the ball and hit the targets.

Don’t go out of bounds or let the clock stop!

4 different game modes.
Countdown – a fight against time
Speed Ball – Boundaries transport
Cabin Fever – Don’t go out of bounds or let the clock run out!
Close Quarters – Don’t go out of bounds!

Let It Go – Stress Reliever

Let it Go – your tool for stress relief and personal growth.
Are you angry about something, having trouble moving past an issue, worried about someone or something? Do you need some release?

Let It Go is your relaxing place to release and let go of emotions and thoughts.

Take a problem that is bothering you and either speak it or type it in the space provided and, when you are ready, swipe the balloon and watch as it flies away. Let yourself feel calmed by the beautiful scenery and start to feel the release immediately.

The Ave

The Ave is the perfect app for anyone living around The Ave near the University of Washington in Seattle.

The Ave tells you:

  • What’s open now
  • Which restaurants deliver
  • What the minimum delivery price is
  • Where on The Ave a place is located
  • Which places are popular
  • And more!

Call It In – Dental Rx

Call It In – Dental Rx is the perfect tool for Dentists.
Call It In makes emergency phone calls a breeze.

Stop wasting your precious time away from the office handling emergency calls. Call It In speeds up and simplifies the process. It allows you to quickly find the phone number of your patient’s favorite pharmacy, find sample prescriptions for common drugs, and send a report to your email so you don’t have to worry about remembering what you prescribed.
◊ Quickly lookup pharmacy phone numbers
◊ Find sample prescriptions.
◊ Get help prescribing drugs.
◊ Send a clean report to your email so you can write it up back at the office.


Strike up picture conversations with new people nearby or from around the globe.
You set the parameters, we match you up. Who will you Flue?

Extinguish conversations anytime.

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