Call It In – Dental Rx – Now Available!

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Call It In – Dental Rx is now live on iTunes and Google Play!

We designed and built Call It In specifically for dentists handling emergency phone calls while away from the office. Call It In makes handling emergency calls a breeze.

Dentists no longer need to waste time looking up and remembering the pharmacy’s phone number or what they prescribed. Call It In – Dental Rx is undoubtedly an easy to use time saver for dentists that every dentist needs.


Available on 


Google Play 

Call It In - Dental Rx on iTunes and Google Play Text 



Sample Prescriptions 

Quickly find the drug your patient needs and sample prescriptions to help you call it in on the go. Once you find the right drugs, they will be added to your email report.

Want a little advice? The Decision Helper will help guide you through your decision by providing extra useful information.



Search for pharmacies near your patient and save your most commonly used locations.

You will no longer need to look up pharmacy phone numbers, they are right here in Call It It.




Prescription Pad 


You still have to call it in!

Email yourself a report of what you prescribed, for whom, which pharmacy you used, and any other notes you have.

We are so excited to get Call It In – Dental Rx out into the world! Tell a dentist today and they will thank you!

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